Film Bio

Black and white photo of Cameron Tingley at a young age.

Cameron was born and raised in London, Ontario where he began a life-long interest in filmmaking. His father was an editorial cartoonist, and when Cameron began making live-action movies as a teenager he unconsciously adopted a similar style of expression using whimsical and playful imagery to portray his observations of society. He has continued for many years to produce short films that have a humorous, low-tech charm and his efforts have been rewarded with numerous screenings and awards throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Influences include Jacques Tati, Frank Zappa, Kalle Lasn, Terry Gilliam, Georges Méliès, early Woody Allen, and mid-Charlie Chaplin.

Since 2011 Cameron has enjoyed presenting LIFE AS WE KNOW IT — his ongoing series of social commentaries — to live audiences in libraries, community centres, art galleries, schools, and pubs.

For 40 years he also managed to squeeze in a full-time career as a freelance film editor and post-production supervisor in the Toronto film and television industry. But that’s in the past now.