About the Music

Black and white photo of Cameron Tingley at a young age.

Debuting “The Electrolux Suite” on CFPL-TV, London, Ontario. The band-that-never-had-a-name-for-some-reason prepares for another dry run as the studio technicians work out their camera angles and sound balance  (1972)

In the search for a fitting description of my music I found myself continually drawing a blank. It seemed like an exercise in impossibility. But after much head-scratching and beard-stroking a suitable depiction finally revealed itself. And it goes something like this …..…

This music is an arranged marriage between traditional popular music (circa 1945 – 1975, melodic, toe-tapping) and contemporary chamber music (atonal, obscure, experimental). Yes, I know this sounds like mixing oil and vinegar, but that’s why I find it exhilarating. If you rapidly stir the alkaline and acidic elements together you get a marvellous new taste sensation. Same with music. (And if you stop stirring, they eventually separate again and go back to their respective corners only to look down their noses at each other).

I call it free-range music.

But this yin and yang characterization is simply a jumping off point, because the music can include anything and everything in between — which is why I call it “free-range music”. It’s free to go anywhere. This automatically relegates it to the non-commercial stratum, but I find that also exhilarating. Just think of the possibilities!

Most importantly, the polythematic sounds and ideas expressed in these instrumental recordings are not always derivative of recognizable musical genres. Imagination is what it’s all about; letting intuition and curiosity lead the way without being necessarily tethered to tradition or standardized techniques.

Each composition is essentially a “musical mystery tour”, and my role as composer is that of the tour guide. Having poked around Tingleyville extensively I enjoy taking musical adventurers on expeditions to visit hidden, out-of-the-way places I’ve stumbled upon in my wanderings. The conducted excursions are guaranteed to include side trips, detours, hairpin turns, backtracking and sometimes challenging terrain.

If you’re simply looking for a break from the “same old same old”, you’re more than welcome to jump in. I hope you find some much needed relief and feel refreshed when you head out of town again.

Each composition is essentially a musical mystery tour.