Black and white photo of Cameron Tingley at a young age.
That glazed look can only mean one thing. Zoned out again. Age 7.

I was born with a “circus in the head” …… imaginary sights and sounds that manifest themselves in my daydreams and provide me with endless delight and amusement. When I was in primary school this naturally landed me in some trouble. But in my late teens I started using these playful reveries as the basis for making short films, and also for composing instrumental concert music (yes, sometimes daydreams are just music …. you could say I write my own earworms).

I’ve been pursuing my twin passions ever since, and along the way I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many talented actors and musicians willing to re-enact my mental musings. I’m completely indebted to these artists, and likewise to the production crews working behind the scenes.

My creative energies are divided somewhat equally between filmmaking and music composition. Together they create a complementary duality, like two sides of the same coin. The films provide thought-provoking social commentary by using visual humour to highlight the foibles and absurdities of human nature. Conversely, the music expresses my wishes and hopes for a better world, one that celebrates diversity, tolerance, curiosity, spontaneity, eccentricity, nuance. All the good stuff.

Here in Tingleyville, originality is key.

I refer to this fanciful state of mind (and this website) as Tingleyville because …… well, that’s what other people call it. Seems appropriate I suppose.

Here in Tingleyville originality is key, there are no “wrong answers”, nothing is out of date, and everyone is accepted just as they are. It’s a fun place to hang out.

And please know that there is nothing for sale here. The only currency that’s recognized in Tingleyville is the exchange of ideas, communication, and conversation. So on your way out of town please consider submitting a comment or question for the GUESTBOOK. That’s an affordable price of admission for anyone!