Out of Sight, Out of Mind

1999   Dur. 4:18    Stereo

An incidental moment from daily life is exaggerated to highlight the cause-and-effect relationship between automobile emissions and air quality. A man sits in his car, idling his motor, completely oblivious to the fact that all living things within twenty feet are dying from the exhaust fumes.

Like many motorists, he is engaged in a completely unconscious behaviour without realizing that he is contributing to both air pollution and climate change.

By making an effective use of visual humour, the film helps raise environmental awareness and suggests that each of us has a personal responsibility to help reduce pollution in our day-to-day lives.

1999  Canadian International Annual Film Festival  (Toronto)    Third Best Canadian Entry

2000  Planet In Focus  (Toronto)    Official Selection

2002  Smog Summit  (Toronto)    Official Selection

2002  Festival der Nationen  (Ebensee, Austria)    Award of Merit