Welcome To Our Humble Home

2001    Dur. 5:14    Stereo

An unsuspecting family receives a strange visitor at their front door — a gun-toting, paramilitary-type character who offers to come inside and demonstrate the use of firearms to the family. After being swiftly chased away by an understandably irate parent, “The Eliminator” finds a more socially acceptable means to gain entry into the house by appearing on the family’s television screen.

The film serves to question the contradictory values we place in the ubiquitous imagery of gun use in our popular culture. For example, we’ll watch a television newscast and express great horror at the reports of shootings in our city, and then we’ll watch a television drama showing the exact same images, yet this time we simply consider it entertainment. What gives?

2001  Melbourne International Movie Festival  (Melbourne, Australia)    Diploma of Merit

2002  Festival der Nationen  (Ebensee, Austria)    Award of Merit