What If?

2010    Dur. 7:18    Stereo

This “eco-comedy” looks at the impact our unconstrained consumerism is having on the health of the environment. We read about this and hear about it on a daily basis now.

But rather than offering up more facts and statistics, the film presents a caricature of modern society that clearly illustrates the need for a broad cultural shift in our attitudes and behaviour.

Ultimately the film serves as a reminder that our individual actions and consumer choices have environmental consequences, and unless we can show more respect for the Earth’s natural limitations then those consequences will surely come to humble us.

2010  Silver Wave Film Festival  (Fredericton, NB)    Official Selection

2010  Grand River Film Festival  (Cambridge, ON)    Official Selection

2011  Princeton Environmental Film Festival  (Princeton, NJ)    Official Selection

2011  ReFrame: Peterborough International Film Festival  (Peterborough, ON)    Official Selection

2011  Melbourne International Movie Festival  (Melbourne, Australia)    Official Selection