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The Scenic Route To Somewhere

Just finished listening to The Scenic Route for the 2nd time and I keep having the same thought: optimism. I find myself smiling while listening to it.

Jim Stephens
Montreal, QC

I read what you wrote about this composition, and I think you’ve really accomplished what you set out to do. You have a rich imagination, and a terrific sense of humour (it’s all over the place in your music!)  I love the way you are true to yourself in your compositions, Cam.

Michael Leibson
Maberly, ON

I like how you can’t expect what the next bit is going to be! That’s strangely comforting. I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s definitely an adventure! The more I listen to it the more little intricacies I pick up on.

Thanusiya Thurairajah
Toronto, ON

It’s fun! And immediately evocative of your musical voice. After sniffing the cork and rolling a few sips around my mouth, I can detect hints of Frank Zappa, Roland Kirk, and the soundtrack of Get Smart, all in a distinctively Tinglerian package.

Chris Aikenhead
Vancouver, BC

The piece is a convoluted journey (as you described), full of twists and turns, key shifts, tempi changes, time changes……. it would be a fun beast live, for sure. I am impressed by your orchestration skill and taste. You are very gifted. Congratulations on this.

Diane Leah
Toronto, ON

It took me to places I’ve never been before.

Laurel Angeloff
Toronto, ON

Your piece is great fun (deliciously quirky) but written with obvious craft and a feeling for sonority.

David Passmore
Toronto, ON

Slightly Cactoid

It’s really a great piece, so many different and interesting themes. It’s cheerful and lively, even the grunts. And so well-played, all the musicians were great.

Marianne MacLeod
Toronto, ON

Slightly Cactoid is really cool. I like the varying meters a lot, and the abrupt style changes. The players seem to be in really good form.

Gordon Braun-Woodbury
Toronto, ON

The Path of Greatest Resistance

Your music makes me wish I could live in Eskerville. Your whole approach is so fun. What a rich life you lead.

Honey Novick
Toronto, ON

Fictitious ensemble plays real music, and I’ve only been involved in real ensembles with fictitious audiences!

Gary Barwin
Hamilton, ON